Scott Thomas

Wednesday Lunch Plenary

    The Municipality of Anchorage and Department of Transportation & Public Facilities are setting priorities, implementing projects and policies, and seeing tangible results in reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries for all modes of travel – vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.   This discussion will explore the safe systems approach to achieving zero deaths. This requires a multidisciplinary approach involving agency collaboration, engineering, education, enforcement, and community engagement to achieve measurable improvement in traffic safety.

    Scott Thomas is the Central Region Traffic & Safety Engineer for the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities for the State of Alaska. He has been working on highway engineering and safety problems for 30 years.  His main emphasis has been the Highway Safety Improvement Program to make sure we work towards serious crash reduction and prevention.    His work primarily involves the application of highway infrastructure and traffic control device treatments.  These solutions have been made more effective by working with local agencies, law enforcement, and safety educators. Scott Thomas grew up in Alaska, learned to drive on our older roads before they had shoulders and before there were traffic signals outside of Anchorage and Fairbanks.  His wife and new teen drivers have a great awareness of driving for conditions thanks to having to always hear his problem spots or take notes and photos while he is driving.