Sgt Rick Steiding

Wednesday Lunch Plenary

    The Municipality of Anchorage and Department of Transportation & Public Facilities are setting priorities, implementing projects and policies, and seeing tangible results in reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries for all modes of travel – vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.   This discussion will explore the safe systems approach to achieving zero deaths. This requires a multidisciplinary approach involving agency collaboration, engineering, education, enforcement, and community engagement to achieve measurable improvement in traffic safety.

    Sgt. Rick Steiding is the Traffic Sargent for the Anchorage Police Department.   Rick was raised in Southern California where he spent 16 years in the motion picture industry.  He served as a Reserve Sheriff Deputy with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.  In 1997 Rick joined the Anchorage Police Department where he has worked as a Patrol Officer, Burglary Detective, Traffic Fatality Investigator and Instructor, Patrol Sergeant, and Traffic Unit Sergeant.  He has been the lead on the Major Collision Investigation Unit, serves on the People Mover Collision Review Board, instructor for Traffic Investigation and Collision.  He is a Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector and a Motorcycle Officer and Instructor.

    Sgt. Steiding enjoys the usual Alaska hobbies of hunting and fishing on the Kenai River.